Improve Spoken English Without Speaking Partners

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1. Talk in English, wherever you go, Create an  strict environment

2. Speak with yourself aloud.

3. Speak infront of mirror to improve your spoken English and unearth your bad speaking habits

4. Play a video or TV, mute it and give a running commentary of what you see

5. Think more in English by calling out whatever we see around spontaneously

6.Speak out words or full sentences  of what you see around you

7.Listen to English song or Series to improve your intonation and pronunciation and learn peculiarities of spoken English

8.Read in English

9.Improve pronunciation by checking the sounds of a word whenever in doubt

10.Improve your pronunciation and fluency through tongue twisters

11.Move out of your comfort zone and actively hunt for a speaking partner in your circle

12.Speak to customer support  centre to get speaking practice

13.Find a speaking partner on  Skype

14.Find reasons why English speaking is important . It’ll keep you going when you feel  dishearten.

15.Atleast  speak 30 minutes a day is much better than occasional hours

16.Get feedback, if possible.

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