The Travel Agent and his Functions

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The agents are business people who sell travel services. These may be the owners or employees of a relatively small business.

Agents have the advantage of being able to enjoy low-cost trips around the world since most of these are paid entirely or in large part by local or foreign area companies, state tourist offices, hotels, tours operators and owners of tourist complexes.

A best Nagpur travel agency is a personal advisor, psychologist, an expert in the art and science of traveling. Not only do they know the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of travel, their prices, and schedules, but in many cases, they also act as advisors to adjust travel services to the client's personality.

Travel agent functions

A person with this position must have knowledge and skills, but also must fulfill certain functions:

Plan and develop itineraries individually, individual trips and group trips. Nine out of ten agencies organize group trips.

Offer and sell trips already organized.

Make the necessary reservations in hotels, motels, accommodation in summer areas, meals, car rental, sightseeing, transfer of passengers and luggage from terminals to hotels and tickets to special shows, such as music and theater festivals.

Must know to advise the client, about the many details involved in current trips, such as baggage and travel insurance, language study material, traveler's checks, foreign currency exchange, necessary documents (visas and passport) and medical requirements.

You must have known about the schedules of connections between trains, airplanes, hotel prices, their quality, characteristics if prices include taxes and local discounts.

Make reservations for the realization of some special activities, such as religious and business trips and sports trips. Conventions and business trips make up half the business of travel agencies.