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Andaman is comprises of two part North and Middle Andaman. It has covered with many sightseeing destination in port blair and Islands. It is a delightful place for outing and people at Andaman are very welcoming and helping. Destinations like portblair are very famous and always filled with the lines of tourists every year for Andaman Tour Packages. Never get off without exploring the below places:

Port blair: A multicultural town offering a lot to discover and many local sightseeing places like Chatham Saw Mill, Samudrika Museum are very welcoming and informative place with spices of history. It is a complete joy destination for tourists who spend their quality time from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now book Port Blair Tour Packages.

Neil Island: This serene place has everything, Beautiful Trees addressed at the shore, Calm Beaches , clean water and white sand etc are the characteristics of this place. It has welcoming coral reefs and a thrilling adventurous experience of snorkeling with rich wildlife. This place offers you an escape from the crowd.

Havelock Island: The most popular island yet so beautiful and most visited island by the tourists. The turquoise blue water with mahua trees makes this place more beautiful and wanted.  A picture perfect place for couples and family with long treks and fascinating backwaters engages an adventure activity of scuba diving. Now book Havelock Tour Packages.

Limestone caves: It is situated at north Andamans. You can also grab a sight of bask crocodiles camouflaged perfectly in the mangrove forests of the area.  

Cellular Jail: It is known as Kala Pani where our freedom fighters are prisoner by the britishers . You can a lot to explore at this place as there is a glimpse of that time even now and love people to visit this beautiful place and discover the facts about our martyrs.

Samudrika Museum: It is an interesting museum ran by the naval force at this place. It is very informative place and people explore about the marine life and many archeological things at the sea bed.  It is perfectly made up of stones and ornaments.


Andaman is perfect place for adventure activities despite from the above destinations like scuba diving, snorkeling, well famous Sea walk and banana ride etc. People come and enjoy these activities at Andaman. Here is a list of few below:

Snorkeling: It is one of the most wanted activities in Andaman and enjoy by almost each person who visited. This activity is mostly available at Neil Island and Rajiv Gandhi sports complex and people perform this under the supervision of trainer. It is a best way to explore the aquatic life under the turquoise blue water.

Scuba Diving: In Andaman, Asia best diving performed by the people at Havelock Island and explores the best marine life under the deep blue sea. It is one of the finest ways to explore the wide variety of flora and fauna under the sea.

Sea Walk: Another activity in Andaman, Its is nothing less than the walk in heaven as in this, walk at the sea bed and enjoy the mesmerized and colorful marine life with variety of fishes roaming around you.

In Andaman, as it is an island destination; Seafood is famous and widely available at every point of extent. Apart from seafood, local food is available like samosas, Continental cuisine and meals etc.

The best time to visit at Andaman is October to May in winters, when are usually pleasant and at this time you can enjoy the water sports activities with the fullest and less crowdy.

At monsoon season like in May to October just a vice versa of winter, where rains are flourished the beauty of this place, even at this time people not to visiting this place as rains has its own beauty at anadamans.

January, commonly called as a festival month of Andaman, when most of the people visit and enjoy the traditional and local festivals of Andaman. At this place people usually communicate and connect with the locales of Andamans and explore the tribal beauty also.

You can easily reach Andaman as there is a lot of direct flights from Karnataka, Chennai and other places. For locals, there are ferries arranged and local transport which is very feasible to travel local and explore this beautiful place of islands.


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