Tips for Solo Woman Traveller

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Travelling alone. Damn! The very phase has a certain rush to it. It's thrilling, its empowering and in today's time and age where everyone is encouraged to be self-reliant, being able to travel alone might be your safest bet to explore the world around of you.

Although travelling is largely a gender-neutral phenomenon I.e it is enjoyed by sexes equally, the fairer sex needs to be encouraged more to do so without the worry of 'What would happen?!' Or 'What would people think?!' hovering over their heads!

So if you are a damsel completely capable of handling your own distress, travelling alone should definitely figure on your path to emancipation. Give you that total boss feeling.

But ladies there are a few things that you must keep in your mind before embarking on any journey alone. After all, you are out there to be adventurous not stupid!

So lets do a ready reckoner on the rules of travelling alone when you a single female, shall we?!


Granted that the whole idea of travelling alone seems mighty fancy, but nothing discounts the fact that it is indeed scary, or so it feels initially. So what do you do then? Make sure that you are stacked with the basic necessities such as water, food, cash and your first aid kit. This is your Step 1 towards being self sufficient. So now that you know in your head that you are prepared to look after yourself, there really isn't any room left for irrational fear, is there? So don't wait, start packing!


As tempting as it may be to picture yourself in different clothes for each day of your tour, you must resist the lust for over-packing! Pack your essentials and according to the climate of your destination. That's it, no more no less! Be sure to leave some room to pack in the local flavour.


Spontaneity may be your middle name, but when travelling alone being wise would do you more good than being plain whimsical. So make sure that you run a thorough check on the place before you land there. Now, now we are not implying that run a Due Diligence report on your travel destination, but be abreast of the political situation, social conditions and cultural references of the place before you find yourself in any unsavoury position.


What was that thing thought to us when we were little? To not talk to strangers. Keep that in mind. Ofcourse we are not implying that shun away from any person that you may encounter during your travel! Mingle, but not mindlessly! As overpowering as the charm may be to meet the perfect stranger, be sure to exercise caution when you do meet one. Refrain from giving personal or too intimate detail about yourself and always raise an alarm if you happen to be caught in any unfavourable circumstance.


The  very point of travelling is to experience something unique and to probably explore a side of yourself that you did know existed within you. So while you are on your way to your favoured destination, make sure you pack in a free spirit and an open mind. Yup, they be your travel buddies. So you are not completely alone after all, you got yourself with you.

Happy travelling!