Marmaris Excursions

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When was the last time you looked into your spouse’s eyes and said those precious three words? Do you remember how magical it feels to wish on falling stars? Come to Marmaris and relive all those special moments of your life. This is the place where you can escape from the cares of the world and get lost in each other’s arms. A romantic vacation in Marmaris is all you require to get the spark back in your life.

Marmaris Excursions

Marmaris with its clear blue sky and turquoise waters provides the perfect backdrop to a romantic vacation. If you miss the spark in your relationship, take a break and head to Marmaris. The charming Turkish city would help you to rediscover the romance in your life.

If you believe in spending time with your spouse alone, just head to the beach. You can spend hours holding each others’ hands and staring into the sea. Go for a walk on the Iclemer Beach and proclaim your love against the setting sun.

Want to have an adventurous holiday? That’s also possible in Marmaris. Choose an excursion that suits your mood and take your love along with you. Discover the charm of the sea at Rhodes Island or enjoy a day trip to  the famous beach of Cleopatra Island near Marmaris. Take a mud bath at Dalyan and have a ball. Go for a dolphin excursion and play with these sea creatures. You can also spend your time swimming along the bays and islands of Marmaris.

Pamukkale may also help you to enjoy the wonders of nature together. Do you want more excitement in life? Go for a jeep safari. Hold your partner’s hand as the jeep crosses dusty country roads and rivulets. Enjoy the view of rolling mountains and green meadows.

Have you heard of Turkish nights? These are musical extravaganza that showcases the best of Turkish dance and music. Get passes for both of you and believe me you will never forget the memory. As the dancers show their skills on the floor along with foot-tapping music get cozy with your partner. Enjoy original Turkish cuisine along with local drinks. You would want the night to linger, I am sure.

It would be fun to shop at the local bazaars. Bargain for local handmade artifacts and get back towels and carpets for your home. You can also visit the villages where the carpets are made and buy directly from the artisans.

If life gets boring, visit Marmaris. It would refresh your mind and body and also rekindle the spark in your relationship.

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