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Kodachadri is located at a distance of 115 km from Shimoga town and 36 km from Hosanagara. Kodachadri is the highest peak (at an altitude of 1343 m above sea level) of Shimoga district in Karnataka state. Located in the middle of the Mookambika National Park, Kodachadri is home to many endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna. Kodachadri is famous for its wonderful sunrise and sunset.

The main attraction of Kodachadri is "Sarvajna Peetha" which is on the hilltop. It is believed that philosopher "Adi Shankaracharya" performed meditation at this place. The closest base to Kodachadri hills is Kollur which is at a distance of 20 kilometers. Kodachadri hills form a scenic backdrop of the famous Mookambika temple in Kollur.

It is believed that "Adi Mookambika" temple at Kodachadri village is the origin of Goddess Mookambika. This temple is said to be the original Mookambika temple, which is associated with the assassination of demon Mookasura by the lion riding Mother Goddess in nearby forests, where the demon Mookasura was disturbing the penance of the sages , devoted to the goddess.

Kodachadri hills are also a great place for Trekkers. Arisinagudi Waterfalls and Agastya Teertha Waterfalls are the points of interest nearby.

The best time to visit Kodachadri is from October to March.

Distance from Kodachadri

Shimoga: 115 km

Hosanagar: 35 km

Kollur: 20 km

Mangalore: 147 km

Bangalore: 380 km

Reaching Kodachadri from Kollur

By Walk (18 km): Kollur - Karegatta - Volur - Kodachadri

By Vehicle (40 km): Kollur - Nagodi - Nittur - Gowrikere - Kodacahdri

Nearest Airport: Mangalore

Nearest Railhead: Shimoga

Kodachadri Hill Station

Hill Stations in Karnataka are great retreats for those looking for solitude. Undisturbed by commercialization, Hill Stations in Karnataka are undisputedly the favorite destination for tourists. If you love the mountains and wish to spend your vacations in the unspoilt mountain terrains then you should be embarking for the scenic Kodachadri in Karnataka. About 1843 metres above sea level Kodachadri Hill is in the Western Ghats. Home to many endangered species of both the animal and plant kingdom, it is every trekker's dream to trek along the mountain tracks.

The nearest base to Kodachadri hills is Kollur at a distance of 20 kilometers. Kodachadri hills form a picturesque backdrop to the famous Mookambika temple in Kollur. Kodachadri peak can be reached by a five-hour trek. On the western side of the hill it drops down straight for about 1220 meters to the vast and dense forests of Udupi The Kodachadri hills form the largest forest in Karnataka part of which forms the Mookambika National Park. Kollur is the ideal base to explore the hills and trekkers generally join the Mookambika Nature Camp which is 4 kms south to Kollur.

If you are planning a trip to the Kodachadri hill station in Karnataka you would be enjoying trekking the scenic mountain slopes, bird watching and visiting the magnificent falls.

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