Cooler Climes and Hilly Retreats – Mizoram

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These retreats tucked away in the mountain ranges of the Indian sub-continent are ideal getaways from the searing heat of the plains during summer.

During winters these hills and mountains are some the most romantic vacation destinations, with snow clad mountains in the North Indian retreats to the chill and misty weather in the South Indian hills.

The land of the Blue Hills, Mizoram, is the southernmost corner of North east India. Evergreen hill ranges, exclusive flora with dense rows of bamboo jungles, breath-taking waterfalls, and magnificent rivers are some of the characteristics that describe Mizoram.

There are around 21 major hill ranges with magnificent undulating lush greenery weaved with rivers flowing across, which makes this an enchanting place to vist. Mizoram being a hilly terrain is known for its hill stations and its vast natural beauty is untouched by urbanisation.

Here are the hill stations of this state.



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Aizawl is the largest city as well as the capital of the state of Mizoram. Flanked on the north by the craggy peaks of Durtlang, the hill city overlooks the valley of the river Tlawng and the mountain ranges of Blue Hill beyond.

Besides its breath-taking beauty, Aizawl is the storehouse of all important Government offices, State Assembly House and Civil Secretariat. The population of Aizawl strongly reflects the different communities of the ethnic Mizo people of the North Eastern part.



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Champhai is perched at an elevation of 1678 metres above mean sea level and is located along the Myanmar border. It offers a great view of the hill ranges of neighbouring Myanmar. The flat area seen from here is in fact the largest plain area of the state.

This frontier district has a special place in the history of the tiny north-eastern state and its people. It is said that the history of Mizo starts from Champhai and ends in Champhai. It is a fast developing venue on the Indo-Myanmar border. The famous Rihdil Lake is only about 50 kilometres away from the town of Champhai.

Champhai has a salubrious climate and a number of tourist attractions. A picturesque spot here is the Champhai valley known as "The Rice bowl of Mizoram" located towards the base of the town. A chain of green hills encircle luxuriant rice fields, which add to the beauty of this place.



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Hmuifang is a beautiful hill station at a distance of 50 kilometres from capital Aizawl. Located at an elevation of 1619 metres above mean sea level, the hill is canopied with virgin forests. It’s a paradise for nature lovers as one can enjoy nature in a tranquil and serene setting.

The mountain also has beautiful cliffs and offers great views of the surrounding hills. To the nature lovers, the surrounding forests abound with fascinating varieties of flora including rare orchids and wildlife especially avifauna.



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Lunglei is a small hilly town, situated in the south-central part of Mizoram. Lunglei, sometimes spelled Lungleh, which means "bridge of rock" got its name from a bridge like rock found in the riverine area around Nghasih - a small tributary of the Tlawng River. The town of Lunglei is rich in flora and fauna. It is any nature lover’s paradise as there are many hideaways in the surrounding area of the town.

In the Mualcheng village, 50 kilometres from Lunglei is an engraved image of Lord Buddha. This is the only Buddhist relic found in the state, and it remains a mystery as to how it came here.

There are several Tourist places in Lunglei district such as the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Kawmzawi Park, Saikuti Hall and the second turf football ground in Mizoram - Thuamluaia Mual. Lunglei is also famous for its beautiful picnic spots along rivers and riverine.



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Reiek Tlang is a popular tourist destination at a distance of 12 kilometres from capital Aizawl. Located at an elevation of 1548 metres, the hill is covered with thick green temperate forests. The view of the surrounding valleys and hills are a delight to watch from Reiek Tlang. The plains of Bangladesh can be seen on clear sunny days.

The most enchanting highlight of a visit to Reiek is that it houses a village that is modelled on the basis of typical customs and traditions of the Mizo tribal people. These villages have been set up to show case the beauty and rich history of Reiek to the world. It consists of traditional huts of the Mizo tribes, the house of Mizo Chieftain, a bachelor’s dormitory, etc.