Bucket List – Gujarat

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Bucket lists are all the rage these days. Everyone is making a list of places to visit, mountains to climb, forests to explore and new cultures and customs to absorb. Here to help you refine the list, we offer you some of the best that the states of India have to offer.

Popular for its legendary forts, grand palaces, national parks and shrines, Gujarat is one of the most beautiful and popular states of India. The state allures travellers from all across the globe with its breath-taking attractions. All cities of the state have much to offer when it comes to tourist attractions in Gujarat.

Today we look at the best that Gujarat has to offer.



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Camel Safari in the Little Rann.

Go surfing on Chorwad and Dumas beaches.

Skiing and other water sports in the Ahmedpur Mandvi beach.

Go rock climbing in Pawagadh, Junagadh and Taranga.

Explore the trekking trails along Saputara to Ahwa.


Wild Life

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Spend an evening with the famous lions of Gir.

Enjoy the company of the black bucks at the Velavadar National Park.

Pay a visit to the Little Rann of Kutch and watch the wild asses gallop along the arid landscape.

Welcome Flamingos, the winter visitors to Kutch.



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Spend a day strolling through the Champaner Pavagadh fort.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Sabarmati Ashram.

Be amazed by the beautiful architecture of the Mahabat Maqbara in Junagadh.

Enjoy the carnival of music and dance that is the Rann Utsav.

Stroll through the corridors of the Laxmi Vilas Palace and take in the wonderful exemplification of the Indo-Sarcenic architecture of the palace.


Food - Dishes to Savour

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Undhiyu – A dish comprising of root vegetables, raw banana, eggplant and fenugreek fritters slow cooked in earthen pots.

Handvo – Steamed savoury cake made of bottle gourd, rice and dhal.

Surti Lacho – This famous dish from Surat is a mixture of coarsely ground lentils and flat rice, steamed and served with lemon juice, onions, chutney and sev.

Khandvi – Made of gram flour and yogurt, it is served in the form of rolls that are garnished with fresh coconut shavings and coriander.

Dhokla – This dish which is synonymous with being a Gujarati needs no introduction.

Thepla – Another staple breakfast dish in the Gujarati households, it is a methi paratha combined with garlic, sesame seeds and spices.

Fafda – This amazing sounding street food is made of long strips of gram flour mixed with spices, served with kadi, fried green chillies and raw papaya chutney.



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Somnath Temple – The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, has a unique mystic appeal.

Dwaraka – It is one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage centres of the country.

Palitana – It is a highly venerated pilgrimage site for the Jains. It boasts of a total of 863 temples.

Nagina Masjid in Champaner - This mosque was built using pure white stones and showcases a unique blend of Gujarati-Islamic architectural style.



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Patola Silk Sarees - Patola are a double ikat woven sari, usually made from silk, made in Patan.

Bandhanis and traditional Ghagra-Cholis – These famous Gujarati costumes don’t need any introductions.

Sankheda furniture – These are colourful teak wood furniture of Gujarat, treated with lacquer and painted in traditional bright shades of maroon and gold.