Cooler Climes and Hilly Retreats – Meghalaya

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These retreats tucked away in the mountain ranges of the Indian sub-continent are ideal getaways from the searing heat of the plains during summer.

During winters these hills and mountains are some the most romantic vacation destinations, with snow clad mountains in the North Indian retreats to the chill and misty weather in the South Indian hills.

Meghalaya is one of the prettiest states of India. The name literally translates to ‘The Abode of Clouds’ and Meghalaya certainly lives up to its name. A dominantly mountainous region, the state also has some highland plateaus and valleys. The state is famous for its orchids and has more than 300 variants of the flower. With a moderate to low temperature due to the hills, the state has beautiful hill stations that can mesmerize anyone with its scenic charm.



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Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is one of the wettest places on the planet and the only place in India to receive rain throughout the year. The town of Cherrapunji is nestled in the East Khasi Hills about 50 km southwest of the state’s capital, Shillong.

Cherrapunji, also known as Sohra or Churra, means ‘the land of oranges’. The cliffs of Cherrapunji also offer stunning views of the plains of Bangladesh. Cherrapunji is famous for its living root bridges, a result of bio-engineering practiced by the locals. The bridges can bear 50 people at a time and are spectacular to watch.



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Jowai is the headquarters of West Jaintia Hill district of Meghalaya and is home to the Pnar tribe. It is a scenic place located on a plateau, surrounded on three sides by the Myntdu River. Due to its high altitude of 1380 metres above sea level, Jowai experiences warm and pleasant summers with cool to chilly winters.

The town is close to numerous waterfalls and offers amazing views of the surrounding hillside. Close to town are the Nartiang Monoliths, the biggest collection of Megalithic stones in one single area.



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Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is a hill town, situated at an altitude of 1496 metres above sea level. The place, the people and the climate all combined together to create an amiable atmosphere, to make Shillong an ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

The town is surrounded my numerous lakes and waterfalls. It is famous for its rolling green grass meadows and is known as the “Scotland of the East”. This hill station has a laid-back and relaxed ambience to it.



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Mawlynnong Village located in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, is one of the most beautiful villages in the country. The guest houses here are built on bamboo stilts offering solace and solitude in abundance. The villagers are kind and keen to help out any tourist who drops by. The village has numerous tea shops where one can sit, enjoy a nice cup of tea and trade banter with the locals.