When in Nam

Whenever I hear someone mention the word ‘Vietnam’, it’s almost instinctive for me to co-relate that place with the infamous Vietnam War better known as the Resistance war against America. Though it has been decades since the destructive war that had ravaged that entire stretch of land, the mental image that I had of Vietnam was a pretty gory one.

That is until an acquaintance of mine mentioned Vietnam as a travel destination and I was mighty surprised for it had never occurred to me of the endless possibilities that this place can offer to the average backpacker looking for an authentic slice of South East Asia.

So when you decide to pack your bag for Vietnam, the first stop of your destination should be the capital Hanoi, which has attractions that look like this

                                                                          image source


                                                                 image source


The best time to visit Vietnam is from March to May and August to October as the whole country has decent sunshine with reasonable temperatures. Light clothing is preferable, though it may be feasible to bring an extra layer if you go to mountainous areas as it is cool at night. Be aware that October / November is peak typhoon time for the central areas - such as Hoi An. If you visit Hoi An at that time, do have a plan B ready as flooding from a typhoon weather system is always a possibility.

Wow, the possibility of getting stranded in a typhoon, seems a little foolishly exciting.

Well this time round I am not going to give you an hypothetical account of what you can do in Vietnam or what to except when you find yourself there, not really, no.

But what I am going to do is leave you with-

Happy travelling!!!!!!!!!!!!