Pushkar is in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan and is a very holy place centred around a lake. Not all travellers will be happy to be around the annual Camel Fair since its very crowded during the event, but it has a special magic particularly down at the holy lake at sunset.

The Pushkar lake is circled by many temples and ghats where the locals and pilgrims from far gather at the lake edge for poojas or bathe.The real bonus in Pushkar is that it is somewhere that you can largely explore on foot. You can do a complete circle around the lake if, you follow the right route, which is so beautiful in some lights and extremely atmospheric in the early morning.

Pushkar is a strange and exotic mix of mostly Hindu pilgrims, Sadhus, camel men, hippie style back-packers. In Pushkar as in other parts of Rajasthan, you get that lovely contrast of  saris and turbans.Blue washed and White washed buildings and almost glowing in contrast against the desert colours.

The camel men have such character with their big curly moustaches and turbans, with surprisingly white dhotis revealing brown legs and curly toed camel leather slippers.

The camels have a lot of personality too.
You can easily book a short sunset camel safari locally. It can be great fun just trying to get on and off your camel with some dignity and it is possible to get a little taste of the desert and climb a decent sand dune too.

If it is not too hot you can walk  hours on the streets, at the market stalls and small shops and cafes. Perhaps have a go at some yoga or just retreat to a roof top to watch the constant procession of colourful people and creatures.

Pushkar festival  one of the biggest camel fairs in the world.

Thousands of people during this day go to the banks of the Pushkar Lake where the fair takes place and where livestock livestock, including camels, cows, sheep and goats, is sold. A camel race marks the start off the festival, and music, songs and exhibitions are held throughout the day, traditionally it mostly falls in November.On this day, according to legend, the Hindu god Brahma sprung up the lake, so thousands of Hindu devotees take dip in the Pushkar lake, washing away the sins. The water of the Pushkar lake is believed to have healing properties.
Reaching Pushkar
There are no flights to Pushkar.The nearest is the Jaipur Airport.And from there you ccould hire a taxi to Pushkar.
Pushkar does not have an train station either, Nearest option is Ajmer Junction.
You can easily get regular buses to Pushkar from other major cities of the Rajasthan.
You will find wide range of hotels in Pushkar from Budget to Luxury Hotels.
So finding one wont be a problem.
Picture Credit commons.wikimedia