Palolem Beach,GOA

If you are traveling alone,looking for a family vacation to relax and getaway with some one special Palolem beach is the place for you. Palolem beach stretches between two magnificent headlands and the 3km long sandy beach is lined with towering coconut palm, that’s a bit of Paradise on earth and a sweeping crescent from which to observe the striking sunsets.
It’s friendly, super-relaxed and enjoys a diverse mix of tourists – independent travelers, couples and families – that helps create a most pleasant atmosphere. It’s certainly not a wild party place but it’s certainly not a boring, nothing-to-do destination either. Palolem is not a place for heavy party people,Not a place for a 5-star hotel holiday either,But if you’re after everyday deep yoga, long walks across the almost deserted beach and live acoustic concerts every night – go to Palolem.
The time I went to Palolem along with my South American friend was end of the tourist season but the best part is that we could make the best deals with the resort we were staying and got best deals in every manner. Since it was her first time in India I wanted to make sure this trip to Palolem becomes her best trips so far Traveled.She just could not stop smiling seeing the beauty of Palolem beach.Sitting on the recliners in front of our hut gazing at the sea and the guys from the bar next door would serve us whatever we wanted. There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping delicious cocktails and munching on batter-fried prawns while gazing at the setting sun.
Palolem is also relatively inexpensive, something that definitely surprised me, especially considering the time of year and the large number of vacationers who fly straight to Goa for a 7- or 10-day holiday and then fly straight back home.
Since my friend she was a surfer I was scared about the harsh waves ,But have to say Like many other beaches in Goa, lifeguards patrol regularly to ensure the safety of the swimmers and check rowdy elements from bugging others.
Lots of stuff to do: Go dolphin-watching and later, head to Butterfly beach, so named because of the two hills rising from behind the beach like the wings of a butterfly. And then there’s Honeymoon beach, another secluded little stretch of rocks and sand. 
Boats ferry tourists to the dolphin sites and then stop at either Butterfly or Honeymoon beach. But you can rent a boat and customise your trip. Expect to pay 300-400 per person for this trip. If you are a big group, you can always negotiate and bring down the per-head cost. Kayaking costs between INR100 and INR200 depending on the time of the day.

I have to say food in Palolem is super awsome like any goa coast can offer.The seafood available here is top-notch. The emphasis is on simple and tasty stuff. Prawns, calamari, squid ,Crabs and tens of other yum stuff.Alcohol is cheap everywhere in Goa, but for some strange reason, I found booze costing a little less in Palolem than more urban places such as Calangute.

How To Reach Palolem Beach

From Goa airport: take a taxi (official price is 1200 RS, but if you bargain it becomes 1000 RS), but it is also possible to travel by bus (quite a long way though: Goa airport – Panaji – Margao – Palolem)

From other parts of Goa: by taxi, bus or train (the nearest station is Canacona, recommended only for long distance travel).

Accomodation( Where to stay in Palolem beach)

As I ealier mentioned Palolem is not for people who come for luxury and spa treatments, so please be sure that you will have a lot of options to stay in huts which are beach facing for a good and reasonable price.

Palolem Beach Resort is the only resort which is open throughout the year 365 days in Palolem while all the other huts have to be removed as per the local law.While the season times you will have plaenty of options to find a good hut for urself,I suggest during the peak season please get your bookings done online a month prior your travel dates.

For INR2,000 a day, you should be able to get a non-air-conditioned hut. Such huts can be shared by three people, so if there are two or three of your travelling together, this turns out quite reasonable. Remember that rooms rents are always negotiable, especially if you are visiting when it’s not the high season.

We wondered how 10 Days passed by so soon.

Backpackers,Hippies,Wanderes,Travellers are the ones who come to Palolem mostly for Yoga and relax and detox their mind and soul.