Mysore is the second largest city in Karnataka. Mysore has a great mixture of heritage and modern life. Once the headquarters for the Wodeyar Maharajas, the city is now known throughout India for its thriving production of silk and sandalwood. Founded in 1399, the city's name comes from the mythical Mahisuru, a place where the demon known as Mahisasura was defeated by the goddess Chamundi. Mysore is just four hours south-west of Bangalore.

Places To Visit In Mysore

Mysore Palace  

Decorated internally with mosaic floors, grand wooden-carved doors and painting depicting life in Mysore as well as stained glass windows and many mirrors. It's spectacular at night as it is illuminated with over 10,0000 bulbs.
Devaraja Market 
As with every Indian city, the bazaar is definitely worth a visit. Stalls selling everything from flower garlands, more spices than you thought existed, and piles of kumkum.
A art gallery house.It was originally built as a royal auditorium in 1861. Also displayed  rare musical instruments, Japanese art and painting by the noted Indian artist.
Sri Chamundeswari Temple 
Situated on top of Chamundi Hill, a climb of 1,062 metres is the Temple which stands at 40 metres high.There are trails to the top, but if you do not have the energy then there are buses as well.

Mysore Zoo 
Located on the edge of the city is the zoo which dates back to 1892. Animals found here are monkeys, birds, bears, elephants, tigers and rhinos.

Festival You Dont Want To Miss While In Mysore

Mysore Dussehra 
Usually held in the month of September or October, it is celebrated in grand style in Mysore. The city adorns a festive look and the period is marked by numerous colourful processions, cultural and musical events. The grand Mysore palace is illuminated with thousands of bulbs during this period and is the centre of attraction. This festival lasts for 10 days and it celebrates the victory of truth over evil. Lasting 10 days, there is a total carnival atmosphere for this period. The palace is lit up with more than 96,000 bulbs each evening. On the final day elephants are decorated, garland idols and brass bands parade along the streets. the closing ceremony is marked with a huge fireworks display.

Weather In Mysore has hot summers (March-June) and mild winters (November-March). The best time to visit Mysore is during the winter season (Nov-Feb) when the temperature is moderate.
How To Reach Mysore

By Plane

Mysore Airport serving the Heritage city of Mysore is also known as Mandakalli Airport. Airport is located 12 km from the Mysore city.You can get connecting flights from Bangalore to Mysore.

By Train

Mysore has a railway station and is well connected to the major towns of Bangalore,Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. There are numerous train services between Bangalore and Mysore but the fastest and most efficient of them all is the ‘Shatabdi Express.

By Car

Mysore is connected to Bangalore by a 4-lane highway, which makes the 140-kilometre journey quite comfortable.

By Bus

Plenty of buses are available on the Bangalore-Mysore route. There is a choice of AC and non-AC vehicles. Mysore has two bus stands, all inter city buses use the Central bus stand while the intra city buses use the City bus stand.
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