emerald trail homestay 3.5/5

Nainital, Uttarakhand, India


In 2005 a weekend vacation to Jungaliyagaon, Bhimtal changed Sumith Dutta’s career path. This corporate executive leading a busy, stressful life like many of us had found his home. Away from the bustle of main Bhimtal & Naukuchaiyatal lake, 7000 feet above sea level lay this small hidden hamlet of Jangaliyagaon; a quaint village untouched, unchartered and unexplored. Emerald Trail is not only known for its warmth and affection, but also for being a homestay that loves and welcomes pets, utilizes the green habitat for a self-sustainable life and is now truly regarded as an eco lodge and one of the best eco friendly resorts in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Emerald Trail is a graceful colonial styled wooden cottage perched in the enchanting surroundings of Jungaliagaon, a small village located 7000 ft above sea level and 9 kms uphill from Bhimtal. A premiere destination for holidays in Nainital, Emerald Trail gives the perfect zest of rural tourism/village holidays and an exposure to a peaceful and sedentary vacation amidst the picturesque village surroundings for a wholesome holiday in Uttarakhand. For holidays in Uttarakhand, especially if one wants to experience the fun of a great holiday in Nainital, one would like to stay in the conventional hotels facing the lake, but at Emerald Trail, the three acres of estate surrounded by wooded forests on one side and the valley on the other side give a different feel to the visitor. It allows the tourists to experience the mountains and valleys and soak in the crisp mountain air during the breaks. The residential unit at Emerald Trail consists of 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, balconies along with sit-outs that face the spectacular valley. An additional one-room unit made of local stone on one side of the property is an option for families that want seclusion and peace. The residences are on one side of the property and the rest of the estate is kept bare for organic farming and play areas. This kind of a holiday in Nainital wouldn't be an option as the guests would be scrambling for a wonderful place around to roam freely. Pets Welcome Home Pets Emerald Trail is a pet friendly property. Pets are given equal attention and care like their owners. Pets can access every inch of the wide spacious 3 acre property. The large estate, allows pet parents to be worry-free about their pets wandering away even if left free. They share the same rooms as there family members. They are provided beds and bowls. They are provided home cooked meals with special instructions that can be catered to. In case of any medial emergency (god forbid) the local vet form the government hospital is a phone call away. Home PetsIf your pet is friendly our staff can also babysits your pet while you go sightseeing. You can go for long quite walks in the village without being worried of traffic. Next time you plan a vacation please get them to this pet friendly resort. Like you they also need to get out of the concrete jungle and noise pollution. No extra charges. We will be happy to play host to them.